I first encountered yoga in 1997. I had been working for several years to develop strength and flexibility to help with hamstring and back issues developed from years of soccer and sitting in front of computer screen developing software.  A co-worker introduced a yoga class at the company where I was working and I quickly realized that yoga presented a much better and more focused way of addressing these issues and immediately started incorporating what I learned in yoga classes into my regular routine.  

Over the years, I have worked to incorporate yoga and its associated philosophy into my professional and personal life. In 2015, I completed a 200-hour Yogaworks teacher training certification under the guidance of Natasha Rizopoulos and I completed a 300-hour teacher training through the DownUnderYoga School of Yoga at the end of 2015.  

I believe that yoga presents an opportunity to evaluate our selves and to learn to listen to our bodies and our minds.  My classes are focused on proper alignment and finding the right mix of physical and mental fortitude to both challenge ourselves and to care for ourselves. 

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